Micro:Bit Straight Connector

If you want to do more with the Micro:Bit, getting those pins from the card-edge connector is going to be your first hurdle. Unlike many dev-boards, the Micro:Bit isn't breadboard friendly. That makes the Micro:Bit durable and easy to manufacture but means you need a special connector.
This surface-mount edge connector is designed specifically for the Micro:Bit. It's very slim and fully SMT so its a breeze to automate. It also only has contacts on one side, just like the Micro:Bit, so you save money by only paying for the contacts you're going to use.

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  • Dimensions: 57mm x 11.2mm x 5.8mm
  • Weight: 5.4g




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  • 1 X Micro:Bit Straight Connector

Micro:Bit Straight Connector

  • Brand: Adafruit
  • Product Code: AF3888
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