Arduino Certification: Arduino Fundamentals Exam

The Arduino Fundamentals is an online exam that provides official certification on your knowledge of Arduino related electronics, programming and physical computing.

How does it work

The Arduino Fundamental exam is web-based, and consists of 36 questions with 75 minutes to complete them all.You will receive your results immediately after submission, indicating whether you passed or failed. By passing the exam you will be rewarded with the official Arduino Fundamentals certificate. Arduino certificates use a unique QR code system which enables an instant check of their validity online, making them impossible to forge or copy.

What do I get when I purchase the exam?

We will send you a exam access key within 24 hours from purchase. You get 1 attempt to pass the exam. Once the access is unlocked, you can take the exam right away, or take your time to prepare and come back whenever you feel ready. Remember that the attempt will have an expiration date of 1 year

Exam Preparation

Currently, Arduino does not offer any set training courses that prepare for the Arduino Fundamentals exam. However, the knowledge level and concepts tested in the exam closely match the content of the Arduino Starter Kit. We can therefore recommend going through the content of the Arduino Starter Kit Projects book, and building the projects introduced in it.

What happens if I fail the exam

You can try completing the exam again through purchasing another attempt. At the end of each exam you will receive feedback about your performance in relation to the different topics covered in the Arduino Fundamentals exam. This information should help you improve, and perform better next time.

Test Categories

  • Electricity. Understanding the concepts such as resistance, voltage, power and capacitance, and being able to measure and calculate them.
  • Reading circuits and schematics. Understanding how electronics are represented visually, and the ability to read and analyze electronic circuits.
  • Arduino IDE. Understanding the functionality of the Arduino development environment, serial communication, libraries and errors.
  • Arduino Boards. Understanding the constitution and capabilities of an Arduino board and the functions of it’s different parts.
  • Frequency and Duty cycle. Understanding the concepts of Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and frequency, and being able to calculate duty cycle.
  • Electronic components. Understanding how various electronic components such as leds, sensors, bu­ttons and motors work, and how to use them in a circuit.
  • Programming syntax and semantics. Understanding the building blocks of the Arduino programming language such as functions, arguments, variables and loops.
  • Programming logic. Ability to program various electronic components, read, analyse and troubleshoot Arduino code.

What is the Arduino Certificate

Official Arduino certificate is a document that affirms your successful completion of the Arduino exam, and serves as a guarantee of your competence in the Arduino-related subjects.

It could be used to highlight your skills and learning progress, and advance in your career or education. Arduino certificates use a unique QR code system which enables an instant check of their validity online, making them impossible to forge or copy.

Other Exams Coming Soon

  • Arduino Educators Exam
  • Arduino Professional Exam


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