RFID Button 125KHZ

The RFID Button 125KHZ is the world's smallest EM-Marine 125 kHz reader. The RFID Button 125KHZ has a vandal proof enclosure which is also moisture and dustproof. At a low price and easy installation and connection, this reader is great for any access control system

Quick Spec

  • Operating frequency: 125 kHz
  • Reading identifiers (charms, bracelets): EM-Marine
  • Range of reading: 3-6 cm
  • Output interface: Dallas Touch Memory (DS1990A emulation), Wiegand 26
  • Maximum length of the line from the reader to the controller:
    • Dallas Touch Memory: not more than 15 m
    • Wiegand: not more than 100 m
  • Light indication: yes
  • Backlight: The red light * (optional)
  • Supply voltage: 8 - 18V DC
  • Current consumption: 35mA
  • Case Material: Polyamide
  • Color: light gray metallic
  • Operating temperature: -30 ° С + 40 ° С




The RFID Button 125KHZ (CP-Z 2L) is made of mechanically strong and refractory material and completely repeats the shape of the DALLAS key contactor. This feature allows the CP-Z 2L to be installed in ACS products instead of traditional DALLAS contactors without any design changes or installation difficulties. All this will allow to provide users with:

  • Additional service and contactless technology functionality
  • Advantages of contact-free opening of the door (without taking out a key from a pocket or wallet)
  • A wide selection of keys of various shapes and colors, including the ability to print a logo


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RFID Button 125KHZ

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