Industrial Grade RS485 Repeater

This is an industrial-grade high-performance RS485 photoelectric isolation repeater that converts one-way RS485 to one-way RS485. Compatible with EIA/TIA RS485 standard, it features asynchronous half-duplex, two-way communication, and complete transparent data transmission. The repeater can realize RS485 signal amplification, and extend bus network communication distance to up to 1200m (Baud rate 9600bps).

Quick Spec

  • Interface Standard: RS485 connector compatible with EIA/TIA
  • Baud Rate: 0~115200bps (self-adaptive)
  • Communication Protocol: not restricted by the software protocol
  • Communication Distance: one repeater extends 1200m (at 9600bps)
  • Cascade: RS485 terminal can cascade up to 128 enhanced RS485 devices
  • Supported Nodes: Supports a max of 32 nodes (the distance between nodes must be ≤10m)
  • Working Voltage: DC 9V~24V, active design, with anti-reverse protection
  • Power Consumption in Static State: 0.6W
  • Transmission Medium: twisted pair or shielded wire
  • Installation Method: 35mm DIN rails
  • Size: 109*60*33mm/4.29*2.36*1.30” (L*W*H overall size)


The repeater supports a maximum connection of 128 nodes (the 485 devices), the branch length between nodes is not more than 10 meters, and the maximum bus length is not more than 1200 meters. The hand-in-hand bus connection mode is adopted between nodes, and fork and star connections are not allowed.



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Industrial Grade RS485 Repeater

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