Screw Driver Set

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Screw Driver Set

Precision screwdrivers with high quality non-slip cushioned handles.  A must have for any workshop if you a maker or love working with tiny robots or electronic devices.

Quick Spec

  • Flat: 0.6MM
  • Flat: 1.0MM
  • Flat: 1.2MM
  • Flat: 1.4MM
  • Flat: 1.6MM
  • Flat: 1.8MM
  • Flat: 2.0MM
  • Phillips: 1.2MM
  • Phillips: 1.4MM
  • Phillips: 1.6MM
  • Phillips: 1.8MM
  • Phillips: 2.0MM

Shipping List

  • 1 X Screw Driver Set (13 Screwdrivers)

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