• GT2 Pulley, Tooth 36,  Bore 6.35mm

GT2 Timing Pulley, Tooth 36, Bore 6.35mm

This GT2 Pulley has 36 teeth, take 6mm GT2 belt and a has a bore size of 6.35mm. It is made from high quality aluminum and manufactured to the GT2 standard. Timing pulleys are perfect for your automation and cnc projects. Our manufacturer produce pulleys with excellent precision and workmanship.

Quick Spec

  • Type : GT2
  • Pitch : 2mm
  • Tooth : 36
  • Bore : 6.35mm
  • Flange: Dual
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Max. Belt Width: 6.5 mm

Mechanical Drawing

GT2 Spec

Generally speaking, for best performance you want at least 6 teeth in contact with the pulley at any given time. That minimizes the chance of the belt slipping, and helps reduce backlash even further. In practice that means you want a minimum of a 12 tooth pulley, and I usually try to get at least 18 teeth

Shipping List

  • 1 x GT2 Pulley Tooth=36 Bore=6.35mm
  • 2 x M4X4 Grub Screws included
  • Allen key NOT included

GT2 Pulley, Tooth 36, Bore 6.35mm

  • Brand: Generic
  • Product Code: GT2-36T-B635
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