GY-US42 Ultrasonic Rangefinder Serial/I2C

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GY-US42 Ultrasonic Rangefinder Serial/I2C

The GY-US42 is a low cost, high quality ultrasonic, range finding, sensor module. It has a working voltage of 3-5v. Its working principle is that the probe emits ultrasonic waves, radiating outward to the measured object, the probe receives the return sound waves, and with the use of the use of time difference, calculates the actual distance. There are three ways to read the module data, that is, serial UART (TTL level), I2C as well as pulse PWM mode. I2C can modify the internal address, to facilitate an I2C bus and at the same time access multiple modules. Pulse PWM output, functions the same as SR04. The module can be adapted to a different working environment and connected directly to the MCU.

Quick Spec

  • Voltage: 3-5V
  • Built-in MCU calculates distance
  • I2C and Serial and PWM
  • Frequency: 15 HZ(full range
  • Current: 9mA

Shipping List

  • 1 X GY-US42 Ultrasonic Rangefinder Module

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