• JST-PH (2mm) 4 Pin SMD Connector

JST-PH (2mm) 4 Pin SMD Connector (4 Pack)

This is a thin, low-profile 2.0mm pitch connector 8.0mm in height after mounting and 5.5mm in width. It is designed to meet the demand for high-density connection of internal wires to printed circuit boards. It is compact, highly reliable and low in cost. The pin headers have closed side walls to ensure precise insertion and prevent foreign substances from entering during soldering. The connectors are highly reliable with their contacts, even in the case of strong vibrations and high mechanical loads.

Quick Spec

  • Current rating: 2A AC, DC (AWG #24)
  • Voltage rating: 100V AC, DC
  • Temperature range: -25˚C to +85˚C (including temperature rise in applying electrical current)
  • Contact resistance: Initial value/10m Ω max. After environmental testing/20m Ω max.
  • Insulation resistance: 1,000M Ω min.
  • Withstanding voltage: 800V AC/minute
  • Applicable wire: AWG #32 to #24
  • Applicable PC board thickness: 0.8 to 1.6mm
  • Pitch: 2mm
  • Dimensions: 8 x 5.5 x 8mm


Shipping List

  • 4 x JST-PH (2mm) 4 Pin SMD Connector

JST-PH (2mm) 4 Pin SMD Connector

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