• Keyestudio 37-in-1 Sensor Kit

Keyestudio 37-in-1 Sensor Kit

Keyestudio has released the 3.0 version of the 37-in-1sensor kit, which includes digital and analog sensors as well as special modules such as ultrasound, digital tubes, temperature and humidity. For each module, there is a clear connection diagram and sample code. So it's easy to operate even you are a newbie.

The sample code of this sensor suite is based on ARDUINO because it is open source and easy to use. If you're good at it, you can also apply this kit to other development platforms such as 51, STM32, Raspberries Pi, micro:bit, the working principle of those platforms is almost same.

Quick Spec

  • White LED Module
  • RGB LED Module
  • Traffic Light Module
  • Button Switch Module
  • Passive Buzzer Module
  • Capacitive Touch Module
  • Crash Sensor
  • Knock Sensor
  • Photo Interrupter Module
  • Digital IR Module
  • PIR Motion Sensor
  • Reed Switch Module
  • Hall Magnetic Sensor
  • Flame Sensor
  • Obstacle Avoidance Sensor
  • Photocell
  • Microphone Sound Sensor
  • Rotary Encoder Sensor
  • Soil Moisture Sensor
  • Steam Sensor
  • Pulse Rate Monitor
  • LM35 Temperature Sensor
  • DHT11 Sensor
  • Magical Light Cup Module
  • IR Receiver Module
  • IR Transmitter Module
  • Ceramic Vibration Sensor
  • Voltage Detection Module
  • Passive Nuzzer
  • Lorem Ipsum
  • Potentiometer Module
  • 4-Digit LED Display
  • Line Tracking Sensor
  • Joystick Module
  • Single Channel Relay Module
  • HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Ball Tilt Switch Sensor


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Keyestudio 37-in-1 Sensor Kit

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