• RS485 Module (TTL -> RS485)

RS485 Module (TTL -> RS485)

RS485 to TTL Module is for long range, high data rate error prone differential communication. Digital communications networks implementing the EIA-485 standard can be used effectively over long distances and in electrically noisy environments. Multiple receivers may be connected to such a network in a linear, multi-drop configuration. These characteristics make such networks useful in industrial environments and similar applications.

The RS485 serial bus interface standard transmits differential balanced signals. This has strong anti-interference ability in the common mode, allows a twisted pair transmitter driver on a number of connected devices. The communication distance is up to 1200 meters, the rate is up to 20Mbps, and it can be used in high noise environments, such as industrial automation.

In an RS485 network at any time only one device is in the sending state, and all other equipment should be in the receiving state. Each Arduino controls its RE / DE pin control to specify the device which is sending data to the RS485 network, or receiving data from the RS485 network.

Quick Spec

  • Onboard MAX485 chip provides a low power consumption for RS-485 communication.
  • Onboard 5.08 (mm) pitch 2P terminals, to facilitate the RS-485 communication wiring.
  • All of the pins have been led by the MCU control operations
  • Working voltage: 5V
  • Board size: 44 x14mm

Circuit Diagram


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  • 1 x RS485 Module (TTL -> RS485)

RS485 Module (TTL -> RS485)

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