Ballscrew 1204 L=250mm + BK Ends

Ball screw with nut to transfer rotation movement into linear movement. This is a high quality ball screw with machined ends for easy assembly to bearing blocks.

Quick Spec

  • Ball screw rod diameter: 8mm
  • Pitch: 4mm per revolution
  • Length from end to end: 250mm
  • Effective travel length: 500mm
  • Product code: SFU1204
  • Static load rating: 6.7kN
  • Dynamic load rating: 4.0kN
  • Fixed end machined for BK10 or FK10 bearing block
  • Floating end machined for FK10 or FF10 bearing block

Mechanical Drawing

s l1600 1

Shipping List

  • 1 x Ballscrew 1204 L=250mm + BK Ends

Ballscrew 1204 L=250mm + BK Ends

  • Brand: Generic
  • Product Code: SFU1204-L250-KIT
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