Limit Switch for Linear Guide

This inductive proximity sensor will detect the prescence of a metallic object within 5mm of the surface of the sensor. The detection distance may vary slightly depending on the shape, size, and type of metal the object is made of. It can detect through thin, non-metallic materials and has an LED indicator that turns on when the device is powered, and increases in brightness when an object is detected.

The proximity switch is a high-frequency oscillation type, which sends a detection signal quickly, without pressure, no pressure, without a spark, to drive the relay or logic gate. It has high sensitivity, fast frequency response, high repeat-ability, the output power is large, the anti-jamming performance is good, the working stability is reliable, the service life is long and so on. The switch is filled with resin to make it completely closed, and it has the characteristics of vibration resistance, corrosion resistance and waterproofing.

Quick Spec

  • Detecting Distance Max: 5 mm
  • Controlled By: Digital Input (5V)
  • Sensor Type: Proximity (Inductive)
  • Sensor Output Switch Type: Normally Open
  • Supply Voltage Min: 6 V DC
  • Supply Voltage Max: 36 V DC
  • Current Consumption Max: 5 mA
  • Cable Length: 1 m
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Operating Indicator: Red LED
  • IP Rating: IP67
  • Operating Temperature Min: -25 °C
  • Operating Temperature Max: 75 °C


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Induction Switch for Linear Guide

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