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The Qwiic RFID ID-XXLA is a simple board that pairs with and comes in a kit with, the ID-12LA and three RFID 125kHz cards to get you started integrating an I2C RFID solution into your project. Utilizing the onboard ATtiny84A, the Qwiic RFID takes the six byte ID tag of your 125kHz RFID card, attaches a time stamp to it, and puts it onto a stack that holds up to 20 unique RFID scans at a time. This information is easy to get at with some simple I2C commands and Sparkfun have included some example code that shows you just how to do it using the broken out interrupt pin. The ID-12LA module has a scan range of about 5-6 inches and the board includes a buzzer and LED that indicates that a card has been scanned. Sparkfun have included a jumper to disconnect the buzzer in case the noise is too grating (but does not disconnect the LED), a jumper for the I2C pull-up resistors, an interrupt jumper, and finally an address jumper.

The Qwiic RFID comes fully decked out in Qwiic connectors, no need to solder a thing, just plug it in and start scanning.

Note: This board also pairs with the ID-3LA, and ID-20LA, RFID modules. The two antennae pins that should only be used with the smaller ID-3LA.

Quick Spec

  • Mates with three ID-XXLA RFID Modules
    • ID-3LA
    • ID-12LA
    • ID-20LA
  • 125kHz Read Frequency
  • Scan range of 5-6 inches
  • Buzzer and blue LED scan indicator
  • Address Jumper
  • Buzzer disconnect Jumper
  • Interrupt disconnect Jumper


Shipping List

  • 1 X Qwiic RFID ID-XXLA
  • 1 X ID-12LA
  • 3 X RFID 125kHz card

Tags: qwiic, rfid, id-xxla, 125khz, card, id-12la, attiny84a

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