• Coil 100UH SMD (4 Pack)

Coil 100UH SMD (4 Pack)

These Shielded Surface Mount Inductors are ideal for SEPIC applications, as they have high inductance, are high in efficiency, and excellent current handling as a rugged, low cost part. You can use these coils as DC-DC converters and in applications like hand phones, CD/DVD player, digital camera, GPS system. They are also used as two single inductors connected series or parallel or as 1:1 transformer.

Quick Spec

  • Number of Coils: 2
  • Inductance - Connected In Parallel: 100µH
  • Inductance - Connected In Series: 400µH
  • Tolerance: ±20%
  • Current Rating - Parallel: 2A
  • Current Rating - Series: 1.1A
  • Current Saturation - Parallel: 3.4A
  • Current Saturation - Series: 1.7A
  • DC Resistance (DCR) - Parallel: 150 mOhm
  • DC Resistance (DCR) - Series: 600 mOhm




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  • 4 X Coil 100UH SMD

Coil 100UH SMD (4 Pack)

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