Makerbase Simple Stepper Controller

This Makerbase Simple Stepper Controller will allow you to perform manual control over the operation of stepper motors. With it, you can use the potentiometer to adjust the motor speed and direction of rotation (left / right). The board can supply a PWM or pulse signal in 3 frequency bands. You can power it from 8V to 24V with a maximum load of 4A.

Quick Spec

  • Signal Type: PWM / Pulse
  • Frequency Range
    • High: 5.4k-160khz
    • Medium: 540-16.6khz
    • Low: 80-2.4khz
  • Direction: clockwise / counterclockwise
  • Voltage: 8 ~ 24V
  • Load: 4A (Max.)
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: PC + metal
  • Dimensions: 58 × 38.6mm



Board Layout


Different stepping motor driver different port sign, but same function

  • EN=ENA=FREE Enable
  • PUL=PULS=CLK Pulse
  • DIR=CW=CWW Direction

Common anode connection (connect with B)

  • EN+ PUL+ DIR+ all link together to common anode port
  • EN- connect to EN
  • PUL- connect to CLK
  • DIR- connect to DIR

Common cathode connection (connect with B)

  • EN- PUL- DIR- all link together to common cathode port
  • EN+ connect to EN
  • PUL+ connect to CLK
  • DIR+ connect to DIR


Shipping List

  • 1 x Makerbase Simple Stepper Controller

Makerbase Simple Stepper Controller

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