• LCR RC1 Multi Tester

LCR RC1 Multi Tester

It can be widely used to detect NPN and PNP transistor, capacitor, resistor, diode, triode, N-channel and P-channel MOSFET, IGBT, JFET, triac and battery etc. It can also be used to detect infrared wave forms. It also can detect zener diode and has the function of self-calibration. After detection, align the infrared remote control with the "IR" light, then press the button in the remote control, if the detector successfully decode it, it will display the data code and infrared wave form.


One button operation, automatically detect and shutdown, and you can press the multi-functional button to close the detector too. Put the pins of component in corresponding area, then dial the little handle and the detector will test it automatically, finally the results will display on the back light TFT screen clearly. Not like the usual black and white display, this detector will show results in color.

Quick Spec

  • Display: 1.8inch TFT Screen
  • Diode Range: < 4.5V
  • Zener Diode:Transistor Detect Area: 0.01-4.5V
  • Zener Diode Detect Area: 0.01-30V
  • Triac Range: IGT < 6mA
  • Capacitance: 25pF-100mF
  • Resistor: 0.01-50MΩ
  • Inductance: 0.01mH-20H
  • Battery: 0.1-4.5V
  • Power Mode: Rechargeable Lithium Battery





Operating Instructions

Key Opertional Definitions:

    Multi-Function key has 2 functions:

    • Short Press: Press the key (not less than 10ms) and release the key within 1.5 seconds.
    • Long Press: Press the key for more than 1.5 seconds.

Power On

  • In the power off state, short press the multi-function key, the tester is turned on and automatically measured.
  • Power on and measurement interface
  • LCR_TC1_008

Detect Transistor

    In the power off state or the test is completed, put the test element into the transistor test area of test seat, and press the locking handle, short press the multi-function key, the tester will automatically measure and give a graphical display of the measurement once the testing is complete.

    PLEASE NOTE: Always be sure to DISCHARGE capacitors before connecting them to the tester.

    PLEASE NOTE: We Do not recommend tester to measure a battery over 4.5V otherwise the tester can be damaged.

Component Placement

  • Test seat are divided into transistor and zener diode test area


BJT (Bipolar Junction Transistor)


Main Performance Parameter

  • BJT: hFE (DC Current Gain), Ube (Base-Emitter Voltage), Ic (Collection Current), Iceo (Collector Cut-off Current (IB+0)), Ices (Collector short Current), Uf (Forward Voltage of protecting diode)
  • Diode - Forward Voltage <4.5V: Forward Voltage, Diode Capacitance, Ir (Reverse Current)
  • Double Diodes - Forward Voltage <4.5V: Forward Voltage
  • Zener Diode:
    • 0.01-4.5V (Transistor test area): Forward Voltage, Reverse Voltage
    • 0.01-30V (Zener Diode test area): Reverse Voltage
    • JFET: Cg (Gate Capacitance), Id (Drain Current) at Vgs (Gate to Source Threshold Voltage), Uf (Forward Voltage of protecting diode)
    • IGBT: Id (Drain Current) at Vgs (Gate to Source Thresshold Voltage), Uf (Fforward Voltage of protecting diode)
    • MOSFET: Vt (Gate to Source Threshold Voltage)< Cg (Gate Capacitance), Rds (Drain to Source on Resistance), Uf (Forward Voltage of protecting diode)
  • Thyristor - Igt (Gate trigger current) <6mA: Gate trigger voltage
  • Triac - Igt (Gate trigger current) <6mA: Gate trigger voltage
  • Capacitor - 25pF-100mF: Capacitance, ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance), Vloss
  • Resistor - 0.01-50M ohm: Resistance
  • Inductor - 0.01mH-20H: Inductance, DC Resistance
  • Battery - 0.1-4.5V: Vooltage, Battery Polarity

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LCR RC1 Multi Tester

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