• LSM6DS3 Accelerometer

LSM6DS3 Accelerometer

The LSM6DS3 is a accelerometer, gyroscope and temperature sensor all in one. with I2C and SPI communications. Power consumption: 0.9 mA in combo normal mode and 1.25 mA in combo high-performance mode up to 1.6 kHz. "Always on" experience with low power consumption for both accelerometer and gyroscope

Quick Spec

  • Supply Range: 1.71 to 3.6V
  • Interface: SPI/I2C
  • Event driven Interrupts
  • FIFO: 8 kbyte
  • Sense: Acceleration, Gyro, Tilt, Free Fall, Vibration, Temperature
  • Libraries: Arduino


Sample Code

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  • 1 x LSM6DS3 Accelerometer

LSM6DS3 Accelerometer

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