Voltage Signal Isolator 0-5V

The SC03 Voltage Signal Isolator provides electrical (galvanic) isolation between the input and output circuits. The module couples' the signal to the output through a transformer or optical isolator. The Signal isolator also breaks the direct electrical galvanic path between two or more loop points. The module protects against dangerous measured-variable voltages and increase protection from surges and spikes.

Quick Spec

  • Working Voltage: 9V ~ 17V
  • Input Voltage: 0.00V ~ 5.00V
  • Output Voltage: 0.00V ~ 5.00V
  • Control Modes: signal isolation effect
  • Size (L*W*H): 38mm X 25mm X 10mm
  • Drive Mode: no need to drive
  • P1 Interface Module:
    • 12V: power 1 (9V ~ 17V) cathode interface
    • GA: 1 power supply interface
    • IN1: 1 channel signal input interface (0.00V ~ 5.00V)
    • IN2: 2 channel signal input interface (0.00V ~ 5.00V)
  • P2 interface module:
    • 12V: power 2 (9V ~ 17V) cathode interface
    • GB: 2 power supply interface
    • Q1: Channel 1 signal output interface (0.00V ~ 5.00V)
    • Q2: Channel 2 signal output interface (0.00V ~ 5.00V) 10 * Voltage Linear Transmitter Module

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Voltage Signal Isolator 0-5V

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