SPI MCP23S17 16 I/O Module

This is a 16 IO extension module of the SPI interface, and uses the MCP23S17 chip of MicroChip. The chip is fully functional where each IO can be configured as input or output arbitrarily, and can be used for color weaving to use pull-up resistors. The module can be configured as input sub IO which can enable interrupt functions. The IO interface has a strong driving capacity, and the current can reach 25mA.


MCP23S17 is a high-speed SPI interface, up to 10MHz. The chip has 3 address pins and can set 8 different addresses, so 8 modules can be connected through two I2C buses to achieve up to 128 IO extensions.

Quick Spec

  • Working voltage: 3.0-5.5V
  • Drive chip: MCP23S17
  • Number of IO: 16 (input, output, interruption)
  • Drive current: 25mA
  • SPI frequency: <10MHz
  • Working temperature: -40 Celsius to 85 Celsius
  • Chip level: Industrial grade
  • Parallel multiple: Up to 8
  • Driver: Arduino Library

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SPI MCP23S17 16 I/O Module

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