DF Robot GPS Module - GPS + BDS

This is a small-size positioning and navigation module based on the AT6558. It can provide real-time location information, and support a variety of satellite navigation systems, including 32 tracking channels. The module can receive GNSS signal from 6 satellite navigation systems simultaneously, which include China BDS (Beidou navigation satellite system), the American GPS, the Russian GLONASS, European GALILEO, Japan QZSS, and SBAS satellite augmentation system (WAAS, EGNOS, GAGAN MSAS), and realize the joint positioning, navigation, and timing.

In serial output mode, the module is compatible with various mainboards equipped with serial output: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, STM32, and so on. The positioning accuracy error is measured at about 3m, basically the same as smartphones. The module’s power consumption is as low as 0.1W, and it can work continuously for a long time with a small power supply.
The small size of the module allows it to be embedded in various types of drones and smart cars. Furthermore, this module can be very suitable for vehicle navigation, handheld positioning, and wearable devices or be used as a replacement of the Ublox MAX series module.

Quick Spec

  • Operating Voltage: 3.3-5V
  • SMA and IPEX Antenna Ports
  • Onboard E2PROM for storing configuration settings
  • Onboard XH414 rechargeable battery, speed up hot-start and search
  • Support A-GNSS
  • Cold- start Acquisition Sensitivity: -148dBm
  • Tracking Sensitivity: -162dBm
  • Positioning Accuracy: 2.5m (CEP50, open field)
  • Time to First Fix: 32 seconds (or few minutes, depends on the environment)
  • Low Power: <25mA (work continuously)
  • Built-in antenna detection and antenna short circuit protection function
  • Dimension: 13.1 x 15.7mm
  • Net Weight: 5g


  • VCC: Power Input (5V)
  • GND: Ground
  • TX: Transmit
  • RX: Receive
  • PPS: Pulse Output Per Second

Wiring Diagram


Demo Code

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
SoftwareSerial GpsSerial(12, 11); //RX,TX

void setup()
  Serial.begin(115200);  //Debug Serial 
  GpsSerial.begin(9600);  //Gps Serial   

void loop()
{  while (GpsSerial.available() > 0)
    byte gpsData = GpsSerial.read(); 


Shipping List

  • 1 x GPS + BDS BeiDou Dual Module
  • 1 x GSM Antenna
  • 1 x Header Pin

DF Robot GPS Module - GPS + BDS

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