REX C100 PID Control + 40A SSR + Sensor

This REX-C100 110-240V Digital PID Temperature Controller Kit features an all input and SSR output design. Two rows of 4-digit display allow user to have a clear view of process value (PV) and setting value (SV). It also provides LED indicators of output and self-tuning control. Crafted from high-grade materials, it is tough and durable for long-lasting use. With high quality and stable performance, it surely is worth your investment.

Quick Spec

  • Measuring Accuracy: ±0.5%FS
  • Cold-end Compensation Tolerance: ±2℃ can be Modified by Software in 0~50℃
  • Resolution: 14 bit
  • Sampling Cycle: 0.5 Sec
  • Power: AC 110-240V 50/60HZ
  • Process:
    • Process Value (PV)
    • Setting Value (SV)
  • Output and Self-tuning can be Indicated by: LED
  • PIN Control: Yes (Including ON/OFF, Step-type PID and Continuous PID)
  • Self-tuning control: Yes
  • Relay Output: Contact Capacity 250V AC 3A (Resistive Load)
  • Proportional Band (P): 0~Full Range (ON/OFF Control When Set to 0)
  • Detective Temperature Range: 0 to 400℃
  • Insulation Resistance: >50M ohm(500V DC)
  • Insulation Resistance: 1500V AC/min
  • Insulation Resistance: Power Consumption < 10 VA
  • Service Environment: 0~50℃
  • Length: 1M
  • Sensor Diameter: 4.5mm
  • Temperature Rang: 0 to 400℃
  • Internal Insulation: Fiberglass
  • External Shielding: Insulated Shielding Max.40A SSR
  • Output Voltage Range: Standard Type
  • Output Current: 40A
  • Input Voltage: DC 3-32V
  • Output Voltage: 24-380V AC


Shipping List

  • 1 x PID Temperature Controller
  • 1 x K Type Probe Sensor
  • 1 x Max.40A SSR
  • 1 x Aluminum Alloy Heat Sink

REX C100 PID Control + 40A SSR + Sensor

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